The Summer 2017 leagues will run from June 25th to August 27th. We have three divisions: A, B, and C. A is advanced, B is intermediate, and C is recreational. We offer 6’s, quads, and doubles. We also offer youth leagues as well ages 13-15 on Mondays and Tuesdays and 15-18 Wednesday-Friday. To sign up for a league, place a deposit or pay the full team fee, then email volleyball@powerplaykc.com with the name of your team, division, date and time you wish to play, name of team members, and designated captain with the captains contact information.

It is a 10 week league. When you sign up, you are signing up for a specific time slot. During the hour you sign up for, you will play two games to 21 and one to 15, but you have an hour time limit to play the three games. For the adult leagues, you must be 18 years of age or older.

*Refund of team registration fees will be granted to team managers less 5% of the team registration fee, provided such request is made on or before the business day 14 days preceding the season’s start date. No refunds shall be given for a request submitted less than 14 days preceding the season’s start date. It should also be noted that it could take up to ninety (90) days from the date your refund request is received to be processed.

If you have any organizations you would like to have a fundraising event for, call (816) 268-4386 ex. 120 or email us at volleyball@powerplaykc.com.

We will have some special event tournaments of our own throughout the summer as well, so be sure to check out all of our events on our calendar page!

We can’t wait to see you this summer!



Sunday Leagues

SessionDayTime# of PlayersDivisionTeam FeeDepositStatusSign Up
SummerSunday4:006 - CoedA/B/C$240$80Available
SummerSunday5:006 - CoedA/B/C$240$80Available
SummerSunday6:006 - CoedA/B/C$270$80Available
SummerSunday7:006 - CoedA/B/C$270$80Available
SummerSunday8:006 - CoedA/B/C$270$80Available
SummerSunday9:004 - AnyA/B/C$180$60Available
SummerSunday10:004 - AnyA/B/C$180$60Available

Monday Leagues

SessionDayTime# of PlayersLevelTeam FeeDepositStatusSign Up
SummerMonday4:30pmYOUTH - 6 - AnyA/B$270$80Available

Payment Options

SummerMonday6:006 - CoedB/C$270$80Available
SummerMonday7:006 - CoedB/C$270$80Available
SummerMonday8:006 - CoedB/C$270$80Available
SummerMonday9:004 - AnyB/C$180$60Available
SummerMonday10:004 - AnyB/C$180$60Available

Tuesday Leagues

SessionDayTime# of PlayersLevelTeam FeeDepositStatusSign Up
SummerTuesday4:30pmYOUTH - 6 - AnyA/B$270$80Available

Payment Options

SummerTuesday6:006 - CoedB/C$270$80Available

Payment Options

SummerTuesday7:006 - CoedB/C$270$80Available
SummerTuesday8:006 - CoedB/C$270$80Available
SummerTuesday9:006 - CoedB/C$240$80Available
SummerTuesday10:004 - AnyB/C$180$60Available

Wednesday Leagues

SessionDayTime# of PlayersLevelTeam FeeDeposit StatusSign Up
SummerWednesday4:30pmYOUTH - 6 - AnyA/B$270$80Available

Payment Options

SummerWednesday6:006 - CoedA/B$270$80Available
SummerWednesday7:006 - CoedA/B$270$80Available
SummerWednesday8:006 - CoedA/B$270$80Available
SummerWednesday9:004 - AnyA/B$180$60Available
SummerWednesday10:00Doubles - AnyA/B$90$40Available

Thursday Leagues

SessionDayTime# of PlayersLevelTeam FeeDeposit StatusSign Up
SummerThursday4:30pmYOUTH - 6 - AnyA/B$270$80Available

Payment Options

SummerThursday6:006 - CoedA/B$270$80Available
SummerThursday7:006 - CoedA/B$270$80Available
SummerThursday8:006 - CoedA/B$270$80Available
SummerThursday9:004 - AnyA/B$180$60Available
SummerThursday10:00Doubles - AnyA/B$90$40Available

Friday Leagues

SessionDayTime# of PlayersLevelTeam FeeDepositStatusSign Up
SummerFriday4:30pmYOUTH - 6 - AnyA/B$270$80Available

Payment Options

SummerFriday6:006 - CoedA/B/C$270$80Available
SummerFriday7:006 - CoedA/B/C$270$80Available
SummerFriday8:006 - CoedA/B/C$270$80Available
SummerFriday9:006 - CoedA/B/C$270$80Available
SummerFriday10:006 - CoedA/B/C$240$80Available