4:00 Sunday

Sunday 4:00 League Standings

1Sandy Balls62321192
2Sets On The Beach58324168
3KCI Crossfit461211110
4Central Power DD15420211011
5Central Power Turbos37321615
6Spiked Punch33321318

Schedule – Sunday 4:00 Leagues – Spring 2017

April 9th:Central Power TurbosCentral Power DD15Sets on the Beach
April 9th:Spiked PunchSets on the BeachKCI Crossfit
April 23rd:KCI CrossfitCentral Power TurbosSpiked Punch
April 23rd:Sets on the BeachSandy BallsCentral Power DD15
April 30th:KCI CrossfitCentral Power TurbosSets on the Beach
April 30th:Spiked PunchCentral Power DD15Sandy Balls
May 7th:Spiked PunchCentral Power DD15Sandy Balls
May 7th:Sets on the BeachCentral Power TurbosKCI Crossfit
May 14th:Sandy BallsKCI CrossfitSpiked Punch
May 14th:Sets on the BeachCentral Power DD15Central Power Turbos
May 21st:Central Power DD15Central Power TurbosKCI Crossfit
May 21st:Sandy BallsSets on the BeachSpiked Punch
May 28th:Central Power TurbosCentral Power DD15Sandy Balls
May 28th:KCI CrossfitSets on the BeachSpiked Punch
June 4th:Central Power TurbosSpiked PunchKCI Crossfit
June 4th:Sandy BallsCentral Power DD15Sets on the Beach
June 11th:Sandy BallsCentral Power TurbosSpiked Punch
June 11th:KCI CrossfitCentral Power DD15Sets on the Beach
June 18th:3rd Place1st Place5th Place
June 18th:4th Place2nd Place6th Place
*The week of June 5th is subject to change who you play in case of a tie.
*April 30th games rescheduled for June 25th.

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