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SessionDayTime# of PlayersLevelTeam FeeDeposit StatusSign Up
SummerThursday7:006 - CoedA/B$270$80Available

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SummerThursday8:006 - CoedA/B$270$80Available

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SummerThursday9:004 - AnyA/B$180$60Available

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7:00 Thursday

Thursday 7:00 League Standings

1Sets and Pancakes68824213
2Valiant Effort68824204
3Notorious DIG61424168
4Block Party46324717
5Safe Sets43124717
6Sand Sluggers27924024

Schedule – Thursday 7:00 Leagues – Spring 2017

April 13th:Sets and PancakesValiant EffortSafe Sets
April 13th:Block PartySand SluggersNotorious DIG
April 20th:Sand SluggersNotorious DIGSafe Sets
April 20th:Sets and PancakesBlock PartyValiant Effort
April 27th:Sets and PancakesSand SluggersBlock Party
April 27th:Notorious DIGSafe SetsValiant Effort
May 4th:Safe SetsValiant EffortBlock Party
May 4th:Sets and PancakesNotorious DIGSand Sluggers
May 11th:Sets and PancakesSafe SetsNotorious DIG
May 11th:Valiant EffortBlock PartySand Sluggers
May 18th:Block PartySand SluggersNotorious DIG
May 18th:Sets and PancakesValiant EffortSafe Sets
May 25th:Sets and PancakesBlock PartyValiant Effort
May 25th:Sand SluggersNotorious DIGSafe Sets
June 1st:Notorious DIGSafe SetsValiant Effort
June 1st:Sets and PancakesSand SluggersBlock Party
June 8th:Sets and PancakesNotorious DIGSand Sluggers
June 8th:Safe SetsValiant EffortBlock Party
June 15th:3rd Place1st Place5th Place
June 15th:4th Place2nd Place6th Place
*The week of June 5th is subject to change who you play in case of a tie.

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8:00 Thursday

1Valiant Effort53524162
2Whoop That Trick517241410
3Beach Burners489241011
4Big Diggs40824618

Schedule – Thursday 8:00 Leagues – Spring 2017

April 13th:Beach BurnersBig Diggs
April 13th:Valiant EffortWhoop That Trick
April 20th:Big DiggsWhoop That Trick
April 20th:Beach BurnersValiant Effort
April 27th:Whoop That TrickValiant Effort
April 27th:Beach BurnersBig Diggs
May 4th:Beach BurnersWhoop That Trick
May 4th:Valiant EffortBig Diggs
May 11th:Whoop That TrickBeach Burners
May 11th:Valiant EffortBig Diggs
May 18th:Beach BurnersBig Diggs
May 18th:Whoop That TrickValiant Effort
May 25th:Beach BurnersWhoop That Trick
May 25th:Valiant EffortBig Diggs
June 1st:Big DiggsWhoop That Trick
June 1st:Beach BurnersValiant Effort
June 8th:Beach BurnersBig Diggs
June 8th:Whoop That TrickValiant Effort
June 15th:3rd Place1st Place
June 15th:4th Place2nd Place
*The week of June 5th is subject to change who you play in case of a tie.

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6:00 Thursday

9:00 Thursday

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