9:00 Wednesday

1Awkward Penguins67124186
2Sand Sharks50624129
3Notorious DIG465241011
5I’d Hit That3452487
6Death Metal Dinosaurs31124513

Schedule – Wednesday 9:00 Leagues – Spring 2017

April 12th:Notorious DIGAlcoballicsDeath Metal Dinosaurs
April 12th:Sand SharksAwkward PenguinsI'd Hit That
April 19th:Awkward PenguinsI'd Hit ThatDeath Metal Dinosaurs
April 19th:Notorious DIGSand SharksAlcoballics
April 26th:Notorious DIGAwkward PenguinsSand Sharks
April 26th:I'd Hit ThatDeath Metal DinosaursAlcoballics
May 3rd:Death Metal DinosaursAlcoballicsSand Sharks
May 3rd:Notorious DIGI'd Hit ThatAwkward Penguins
May 10th:Notorious DIGDeath Metal DinosaursI'd Hit That
May 10th:AlcoballicsSand SharksAwkward Penguins
May 17th:Sand SharksAwkward PenguinsI'd Hit That
May 17th:Notorious DIGAlcoballicsDeath Metal Dinosaurs
May 24th:Notorious DIGSand SharksAlcoballics
May 24th:Awkward PenguinsI'd Hit ThatDeath Metal Dinosaurs
May 31st:I'd Hit ThatDeath Metal DinosaursAlcoballics
May 31st:Notorious DIGAwkward PenguinsSand Sharks
June 7th:Notorious DIGI'd Hit ThatAwkward Penguins
June 7th:Death Metal DinosaursAlcoballicsSand Sharks
June 14th:3rd Place1st Place5th Place
June 14th:4th Place2nd Place6th Place
*The week of June 5th is subject to change who you play in case of a tie.

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