8:00 Tuesday

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Schedule – Tuesday 8:00pm Leagues – Fall 2017

Sept 5thTorts IllustratedTap That Ace
Hit- FacedCan You Dig It?
Sept 12thTap That AceCan You Dig It?
Torts IllustratedHit- Faced
Sept 19thCan You Dig It?Tap That Ace
Torts IllustratedHit-Faced
Sept 26thTap That AceHit-Faced
Can You Dig It?Torts Illustrated
Oct 3rdCan You Dig It?Torts Illustrated
Hit-FacedTap That Ace
Oct 10thTorts IllustratedHit-Faced
Can You Dig It?Tap That Ace
Oct 17thHit- FacedCan You Dig It?
Torts IllustratedTap That Ace
Oct 24thTorts IllustratedHit-Faced
Tap That AceCan You Dig It?
Oct 31st1st Place4th Place
2nd Place3rd Place